19, 3rd Cross , Mission Road, C. S. I. Compound, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

The study of mathematics, like the Nile, begins in minuteness but ends in magnificence. - Charles Caleb Colton


Imparting quality mathematics education and inculcating the spirit of research through innovative teaching and research methodologies.

Missin :

Develop students with reasoning ability, analytical skills and awareness of logic and instigate research culture in them.

Year of establishment : 1987
Programs Offered : Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
Course Offered : The year 2007 onwards, B.Sc. – PMC (Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science) and 2014 Onwards, B.Sc.- PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)

About the Department:
The Department of Mathematics started functioning from 1987, since then it has grown from strength to strength with a qualified team of teachers who are working hard with innovative methods to develop a scientific attitude and logical reasoning among the students. At present, this Department offers B.Sc. (Mathematics) degree course under UG program affiliated to Bengaluru City University. The curriculum focuses on providing a solid base on a diverse range of mathematical subjects, developing technological competency, soft skill and life development. FOSS tools like Scilab, Maxima and Python are introduced at the undergraduate level. We are one of the organs to all other neighboring departments like Commerce, Management, Computer Science, We are offering both Mathematics and Statistics as an allied papers for all above disciplines.The Department has organized several workshops and seminars to help students to achieve overall development in the subject.

Teaching Learning Methodologies used :
Methods/Practices are a style of presentation of content in the classroom. The following some innovative methods that used to make learning process of Mathematics effective:
1. Inductive – Deductive Method
2. Analytic - Synthetic Method
3. Problem – Solving Method
4. Play – Way Method
5. Laboratory Method

Faculty Details :

Mrs. Evelin Silviya S

Assistant Professor
Specialization : Applied Mathematics

Mrs. Suguna M S

Assistant Professor
Specialization : Applied Mathematics

Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College

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