19, 3rd Cross , Mission Road, C. S. I. Compound, Bengaluru, Karnataka.


Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College is an offshoot of the Bishop Cotton Girls’ School and carries with it a rich tradition of more than 150 years of experience in imparting education. Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College was established in 1985 by the CSI TA Karnataka Central Diocese (Church of South India Trust Assocation) with a mission to serve the educational needs of women in our society. Character formation, academic excellence and service to the student community are our goals. While the institution is open to students from different communities, nationalities and economic status, its commitment is in accordance to the avowed intentions of the founders, which is to provide education and opportunities for the upward mobility of the Christian community.

The Chairman, members of the Board of Management, Principal and the faculty of Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College, work tirelessly to forward the vision and the mission of the institution. The college has a self–contained campus, with 100 faculty members, 2200 students and 40 administrative and support staff. It comprises several departments in various disciplines of Arts, Science and Commerce with state-of-the-art laboratory and library facilities. The Bishop, Karnataka Central Diocese and Chairman, Board of Management, Rt. Rev. Dr Prasanakumar Samuel, is a visionary leader. A progressive Board, faculty with academic expertise, vibrant student community, an efficient administration, and support staff have all contributed to the growth of the institution.

The path trodden by the institution is illumined by a spirit of commitment to excellence. The College envisions itself as being a charismatic educational institution addressing the multiple challenges thrown at students by society.

Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College stands faithful to its motto “Nec Dextrorsum Nec Sinistrorsum”, an extract from the Bible and a commandment given by God to Joshua, the new leader of the Israelites. Joshua was instructed not to lose his focus, to be determined and confident, turning neither to the right nor to the left but always moving “On Straight On”. Based on this precept, the young women who enter our portals are challenged to embrace the highest levels of integrity and justice; to be humane and constructive members of society.

Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College recognizes the need to move forward. In true Cottonian spirit, the college looks to new horizons, re-dedicating itself to the cause of women’s empowerment. The institution encourages individuals to think and act as ethical leaders who help in the creation of a new order based on human dignity, equality and opportunity with social, political and economic justice. It will send into the world, women of substance, worthy of a place in society.

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