19, 3rd Cross , Mission Road, C. S. I. Compound, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

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Ruchika K S

As a proud graduate of Bishop Cotton Women's Christian College, where I pursued a Bachelor of Computer Application degree, I am honored to share my experience. From 2018 to 2021, throughout my time here, the quality of teaching was exceptional. The professors were not only knowledgeable but also deeply committed to student success. Their dedication to providing a comprehensive education greatly enriched my learning journey.

Moreover, Bishop Cotton Women's Christian College offers a vibrant array of extracurricular activities that complemented my academic experience. From clubs and organizations to community service initiatives, there were countless opportunities for personal growth and enrichment outside the classroom. Since graduating in 2021, I have embarked on a journey at Wipro, where I am currently employed. Additionally, I am pursuing my M.Tech degree, furthering my academic pursuits while gaining invaluable industry experience.